Posted by: robertartemenko | January 28, 2010

Caleb Ambushed

Seven year old Caleb reflects (effuses, shares in wonder, explodes) about an encounter with the HugeGOD.  An “encounter” with God is when your perception awakens you to a dimension of God through unique circumstances or observations. The realization always has a magnitudinal element (Huge) and often a qualitative element like realizing His love or His power or His unique interest “in me” personally where He directly intervenes in your relationships-business-life. The encounters seem to happen to willing souls (after you have had one, you will always be “willing”), are wonderful, exhausting and seem to well up inside-out precipitously. A real wham! I guess they could be a “slower burn,” but because it is an encounter with the HugeGOD, it like getting the closest to the sun you have ever been, you just sort of … IGNITE!

SEE VIDEO God is Huge.

If you have had an encounter with the HugeGOD as a Christ follower, you will most likely know it. If you are not a Christ follower, and are still reading this, you got further than I’d have guessed you would. And if anyone wants to have one of these, really wants to meet the HugeGOD, I am convinvced that it will happen. I have heard people of faith speculate that these “encounters” are more likely earlier in your walk with God than later, because God does not want us to stop tracking on faith-in-the-truth versus the next WOW event (becoming encounter addicts if you will), having said that, who knows. They in any case are special, they come in God’s timing, for purposes that are part of his plan and have little to do with what we want. People that have an encounter are NOT part of some club of the super spiritual. You can go your whole life as a believer without one. They may possibly be part of some remedial training program. But whatever they are, they are a shaft of divine light that shines down on us, and for a moment, it’s just you and God and it more than overwhelms.

If you poke around, you can find evidences of encounters experienced by Blaise Pascal, Charles Spurgeon, Augustine, Dwight Moody and others. Unfortunately, the many who have had them have no public platform to share their experience. Encounters as indicated before do not discriminate and are not targeted at the famous or popular. They occur when the ever and always present God of creation, for whatever reason, decides to get Huge on you. When it happens, hold on!

Hey Caleb, pretty amazing stuff, huh, now its up to you to pass it on.

God is awfully huge!

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